About Maxumise

Maxumise was initially formed in 1987 to provide human resource programs for large Government Departments and private enterprises in Australia.  Considerable amounts of resources were invested in the development of modelling techniques.

Maxumise Consulting Pty Ltd commenced operations in 1996.  The Maxumise operations focused on both Australia and the Pacific; including Government and private sector reform in Fiji.  A subsidiary company was formed in 1998 – Maxumise (Fiji) Pty Ltd.  Maxumise has also expanded into PNG.

Maxumise is a business advisory company that focuses on Assisting Organisations Improve their Performance, largely through the better management of their resources in particular human resources.

Maxumise is a leader in Human Capital Management, with an established reputation for its innovative software, HRmonise, and for achieving results. As methodology consultants, we work with organisations of all sizes and across all industry types to implement systems and provide cost-effective human capital solutions.

Maxumise has offices in Australia and Fiji providing services throughout the Asia-Pacific region:

  • Maxumise Consulting Pty Limited – Australia
  • Maxumise (Fiji) Limited – Fiji/ Pacific Islands