Recruitment and Talent Management

Your most valuable asset are your employees; especially your engaged and motivated employees.

Maxumise are proud to say that using our recruitment process, our clients enjoy senior-level retention rates of over 90% for the initial contract period, i.e. three to five years following appointment.

So why are we so successful?

Maxumise begins by defining the role and obtaining a shared understanding of what the position needs to achieve. We analyze the current and future needs of your organization and recruit people with the potential to grow with your organisation; helping you achieve your strategic goals.. We use an outcome-based competency system, HRmonise, to quantify a candidate’s contribution to your organisation.

The entire recruitment process is dependent on matching the applicants against the agreed role specifications. This provides your organisation with the intelligence to make informed decisions on who to recruit.

Avoid hiring mistakes! Don’t guess.

Here are some of the benefits of our recruiting services:

  • We work with you to determine the ideal position description with associated competencies.
  • We determine the market based compensation range, based on the valuation of the role.
  • We develop the advertisements.
  • We do all the publishing into the papers and online including the Maxumise website, and social media.
  • We collect applications online and enter them into the HRmonise software.
  • We prepare the shortlist report and summary of applications for your deliberation.
  • We handle the interview logistics; prepare the competency-based interview questions, liaise with interviewees.
  • We conduct the interviews with our clients, or independently, depending on your preference.
  • We produce the final recommendation report, including recommended compensation for each candidate.

Have you ever considered how your businesses would benefit from having the “right” people in the “right” jobs? We help you find the perfect fit for your positions, as well as assisting you to optimize the talent you already have.

Managing your existing talent is as important as who you bring on board.

  • We assess existing employees for current and future positions.
  • We prepare training needs / gap analysis reports.
  • Assessment and personal development planning for existing managers/employees against current role, future role and/or succession planning role.

Have you ever considered how your businesses would benefit from having the “right” people in the “right” jobs? We help you find the perfect fit for your open positions, as well as optimize the talent you already have.

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