Papers, Publications, Submissions and Reviews

  1. Review of the Engineers Australia Strategic Priorities 2014-15 to 2016-17 against a structured Strategic Planning model.
  2. Development of a Strategic Direction for Save Sight Institute (Sydney Eye Hospital/Sydney University) – 2012 – 2015.
  3. Australian Government, Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee (CAMAC) Submission on Executive Remuneration August 2010
  4. Australia Productivity Commission Review of Executive and Board Remuneration – submission and hearing 2009/2010.  APC Commissioner stated that; “Maxumise put science into human resources management” referring to remuneration practices and methodology.
  5. Retail World Magazine Human Capital Management – Retail Sector must have competent human resources to produce results in a highly competitive environment – 7th June 2013 Edition.
  6. Melanesian Spearhead Group –Strategic Planning 2010 – 2014 Chair/facilitator – 2009
  7. Fiji Australia Business Council Speaker – Addressing the Impact of Brain Drain and Brian Strain February 2009.
  8. Human capital Management White Papers &
  9. Can Business Performance and Human Resource management really be integrated? Australian Human Resource Institute Publication.
  10. Integration of HR Management into Business Strategy – Demise or saviour of the HR Profession.
  11. Working in Fiji – Organisational and HR Benchmarking by Maxumise (Fiji) Limited included utility organisations.
  12. Pacific Island News Association – Developed and Lobbied (regional Governments) for New Structure and Direction Forward.
  13. Review of the Manufacturing sector in Fiji and recommendations on new models and policies for Manufacturing (Fiji Employers Federation, Fiji Manufacturing Association and Fiji Association of TCF Manufacturers) Managed Growth through Manufacturing in Fiji 1999/2000.
  14. Report on Standards and Conformance in the Forum Island Countries for the Forum Island Secretariat. Facilitating Trade through Standards and Conformance.
  15. Management Review of The Local Government Norsure – Mutual Liability Insurance Pool
  16. Development and project management of the Kellogg (Australia) Limited enterprise-based Australian Vocational Training Scheme. This is has resulted in Kellogg winning prestigious awards as employees reach AQF3 and 4 level qualifications. This program is now the basis for Frontline Management.
  17. Australian Government’s study on mid-levels (ASF4, 5 and 6) for the Australian National Board of Employment, Education and Training – Employment and Skills Formation Council. This work was published as Raising the Standard: Middle Level Skills in the Australian Workforce, 1993.
  18. Australian Government’s study on the Vehicle Industry – the Button Car Plan, 1992 – 1994 including Labour turnover/withdrawal.
  19. NSW Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board on competency standards in the workplace – A Comparison and Analysis of Competency Standards and their Vocational, Educational and Training Implications – A Study of Competency Standards in three industries: Building and Construction, Metals and Engineering and Tourism and Hospitality. VETAB Occasional Paper 1993
  20. Productivity Commission Executive Remuneration 2009 Submission –Maxumise Cons Productivity Commission Exec Rem Submission