What is Human Capital Management?

Human capital management is based on the need to improve the performance of the organisation, rather than to improve the performance of people per se.  From a human capital perspective, this can only happen through its people, so the performance of the people is important because of their impact on the success of the organisation.

Effective human capital management focuses on both the short term and long term goals of the organisation; determining what human capital (and other assets and tools) the organisation requires to deliver these goals.

A current and future organisational plan, aligned to the strategic direction of the organisation, highlights the capabilities required for the future.  Effective and targeted workforce capacity building ensures your organisation is prepared for the current and developing the future.

Maxumise Approach to HCM Consulting

Maxumise applies an outcome-based approach to its human capital management consulting. The outcome-based approach is, in simplistic terms, about defining desired short term and long term outcomes and establishing the actions and capacity the organisation needs to produce this outcome.  This approach is applicable from the strategic direction of the organisation right down to defining the roles or recruiting an employee.

When the organisation understands the outcomes and how to measure them then the HR programs that emerge will be integrated and strategically focussed.

This outcome-based approach addresses:

  • What is, or needs to be, produced as the outcome
  • Defining and measuring the achievement of that outcome
  • Clearly and quantifiably defining the capabilities and competence required to deliver the outcome

While the term “human capital management” is not unique to Maxumise the way it has been developed and applied is somewhat different and therefore Maxumise has unique offerings.  It is not just the application of HCM that is important it is:

  1. Outcome-based approach;
  2. Strategically focussed;
  3. Integrated HR programs; and,
  4. The Software toolHRmonise

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